Why Hire Eddy

Eddy Mindlin

Over the last 35 years I have built a successful business representing a variety of flooring manufacturers. To accomplish this I created systems that enabled me to effectively manage a large group of customers and prospects, proposals, orders, and work in progress.

In 2012 I began sharing some of my sales management systems with other sales professionals. This led to publishing the first edition of my book, Revealed! Smart Selling Strategies, and the opportunity to work with individuals and sales teams as their coach.

Today my primary focus is helping sales people who offer both products and services further develop skills that will enhance their career success. My coaching practice is based on two assumptions:

  1. All successful athletes have at least one coach. Why should sales professionals be any different?
  2. Selling should be both fun and profitable. It can be when you develop the confidence that comes from having proven systems in place to help you manage your business.

I also believe that each company is unique. I'll ask a lot of questions, and then work with you to design a program that is specifically for your organization.

The process begins with a no obligation telephone conversation. Let's talk about your business and the challenges you or your sales team is facing. Give me a call at 505-269-1799…most of the time I answer my own phone.

"I teach sales organizations to be highly efficient by making their sales systems fun and profitable."