Following Up With Leads

It seems that we spend most of our marketing budget trying to get leads, new people we can share our products and services with. Yet, one of the weakest links for many salespeople is organizing a follow up system to stay in touch with those leads until they become customers. Here are several tips on … Read more

Using A Sales Coach

Eddy Mindlin Sales Coach

Why is it that when it comes to sales, even the best teams occasionally fail to deliver? No matter how creative the proposal, the customer says no. This does not happen because of lack of team effort, but because sales is a skill that needs to consistently be practiced and improved. Proper sales coaching can … Read more

Why A Sales Coach Is Important

Whether you are new to sales, or a veteran, there is tremendous value in having a “coach” to help you develop and improve your skills. Think of it this way…Olympic athletes, as excellent as they are at their particular discipline, all have one of more coaches to help them improve.  So should you. Here are … Read more

Managing Client Relationships

A key to success in your sales career is learning how to manage relationships with a diverse group of clients. Balancing their personalities, schedules, and priorities is a skill that takes some time to llearn, but is critical if you want to have a long and profitable career in sales. Of course this involves making … Read more