The Big Picture

Eddy shares his big vision – applicable to any sales business. Core values, having a strategy, showing up in a caring way. Eddy says the way he works is more like having fun visiting friends and being himself. He feels that his authentic curiosity about people has served him well. And, he can help you … Read more

Sales is Just Like Juggling

“A presentation without a demonstration is just conversation.” Be sure to create a memorable demonstration. Eddy helps his clients do just this, in groups, or with his adaptive one-on-one coaching model. Eddy’s passion is to make YOUR sales system FUN and PROFITABLE. Watch this video and hear how Eddy is helping his clients make their … Read more

A Passion for Sales

Eddy Mindlin Sales Coach

Eddy’s passion is about making YOUR sales system FUN & PROFITABLE. That’s the key to the work he does. It’s all about designing and tailoring a system that works for you. The more passionate you are about your own system, the more contagious your passion will be, the more fun you’ll have implementing it, and … Read more