Effective Phone Sales

Making sales call is the most important aspect of the job for any outside sales person. While many of these calls will be visits to the customers location, in today’s market effectively using the telephone is equally important. Many sales reps do not realize how important it is that they deliver with as much enthusiasm through phone conversations as they do face-to-face. Here are seven important tips for making productive phone calls:

  1. Recognize Reality

Experienced salespeople know that they are not the most anticipated phone call for their prospects. Whenever you are making a phone call try to sound as professional as you would if the person was standing in front of you in order to deliver your message concisely.

  1. Complete Introduction

Be sure to mention your name and your company right away. Your prospect is busy, and your call is an interruption.  Help them by quickly identifying you and the nature of your call.

  1. Express Gratitude

Another important thing the customer should know is that you value their time and you are grateful for having a few moments to share with them.

  1. Sharing Your Product

When it is time to sell your product it is important that you tell your client how your product will enhance their experience. In other words, quickly share the benefits to the customer and don’t focus on what you believe are the features of your product or service. It is quite possible that they already have the same product from a different brand so you should deliver how yours will be more helpful for them. Ask them for permission before you start listing all the benefits so that they feel more comfortable with the information you part.

  1. Keep them Engaged

It is important that you keep the customer engaged in the phone call to know you have their attention. You can ask those questions or to give their opinion of a statement you have made which will also pique their interest level for your product as well. The customer should not feel like it is a one-way communication.

  1. Set Meetings

When you are setting a meeting with your customers or client just give them different options when you two can meet. Instead of trying to pick a time they will pick an option or move it around a little which will mean that the meeting is guaranteed. It is important that you set the meeting when they are free so that they don’t feel like you are intruding in their busy life.

  1. The Good-bye

Your sales call should end with a sincere thank you to your customer. Let them know that you respect that they took out time to listen to you.

By following these simple guidelines you will be a more effective prospector and salesperson when using the telephone.