Following Up With Leads

It seems that we spend most of our marketing budget trying to get leads, new people we can share our products and services with. Yet, one of the weakest links for many salespeople is organizing a follow up system to stay in touch with those leads until they become customers. Here are several tips on how to turn your leads and contacts into sales:

  1. Sales Timing

It is important to know that your leads and contacts will only become customers when they are ready. You cannot push them to buy your products or services but it is important that you remain in touch. Keep contacting your periodically with updated information. Be available to answer their questions. Maintaining contact with leads is the key so that when they are ready to buy they only think of you.

  1. Regular Information

You need to make sure that you are sending calls and messages with important information on regular basis. Don’t just call and ask for an order, give them something that is valuable to their process. Every time there is a new product, offer etc. you can invite your leads to check it out.

  1. Repetition

When you are in conversation with your leads be clear about the purpose of meeting and the information you want them to learn. If you have identified the product or service that will best meet their needs, continue to focus on the benefits of that for them. Most of us need to hear a message multiple time, your prospects are the same.

  1. Perfect Your Communication

It is a fact that people respond to enthusiasm. You cannot turn leads into sales if you sound like a robot. Your attitude should be professional but the lead should know how passionate you are about what you are selling. Your conversation should focus on how the product will meet their needs. Listen carefully to their questions, and answer honestly.

  1. Proper Tools and System

For a perfect follow-up leads you need automated system and tools which will send out messages to your leads. A handful of resources are important in order to fill the gap between first interaction with leads and turning them into customers. However, the follow up system should feel just as warming as one-on-one communication. A phone call every now and then, handwritten notes etc. can really make a difference when it comes to turning leads into customers.

A proper lead follow-up system, one that incorporates automated as well as personal touchs, is critical to your success.