Importance of Ongoing Sales Training

In order to achieve your goals as a sales professional you will need to continually update your knowledge and skill.  Let me suggest five ideas to stimulate your thinking about how to do this.

  1. Set Yourself a Challenge

Most of the time we think our competitors are who we should focus on, how to overtake them and grab market share. While it is true that this can be motivating, I suggest that instead of competing with them, start competing with yourself. There are so many variables in the marketplace, and as a salesperson we cannot control most of them. What we can control is understanding our own abilities, and how we can best improve our skill set.

  1. Regular Evaluation

Related to this is a detailed analysis of your progress and setbacks on regular basis. For new salespeople this should be a weekly evaluation, as you gain experience this time of introspection might be quarterly. Consider having a trusted associate or manager help you with this process. We all have ‘blind spots’ about ourselves that we don’t see. Evaluating your goals, tasks, and progress on a regular basis will help you grow your business.

  1. Weak Points

Related to this is working to identify and understand  your weak points as a salesperson. How can you improve your telephone skills, in person conversations, organization, product knowledge? Decide what is the best way to begin improving, and then enlist the help you need to begin.

  1. Share and Strategize

An open relationship with your colleagues, even when on one level they are competitors, will help you hone your skills as a salesperson. If your company has regular sales meetings, It is important to come prepared to discuss the topic of the meeting, as well as to be willing to ask for help from your peers. Observing more experienced members of your team, and what they do to stay successful, is a great form of sales training.

  1. Keeping Up-to-Date

Make sure that you are keeping up with latest trends in the sales world. This means giving proper time to sales research coming through articles, videos, books etc. By staying in touch with latest news and trends you will be able to form a better sales strategy for your product or service.

Sales training is a lifelong effort, one that you will be doing throughout your career. Develop the habit early and you will enhance your earnings.