Managing Client Relationships

A key to success in your sales career is learning how to manage relationships with a diverse group of clients. Balancing their personalities, schedules, and priorities is a skill that takes some time to llearn, but is critical if you want to have a long and profitable career in sales.

Of course this involves making every client feel that they are important, and your top priority at that moment. Building a reputation for responding quickly and accurately to your clients needs and questions will help establish the  good reputation you are striving for.  You never know which of your client might refer you to someone they know.

Another tip to manage relations with your clients is that consider the time of your customer/client as important as yours. The old days of long sales meetings with a lot stories and tangential conversation are long past. Business owners are busy and don’t have a lot of time to meet with you. Recognize that and get to the point of your call quickly.

When a client or prospect sends you an email or calls it is important to reply as quickly as possible.  This demonstrates respect for the client and good evidence that you are effective at managing your business.

There is an old adage in sales, “seek first to understand, then to be understood.” What this means is that if you ask penetrating questions and learn what is really important to the client and the growth of their business, how they will use your product, their budget and schedules, you will have a better opportunity to build a long term relationship with them.

Too often a young salesperson wants to quickly demonstrate what they have to offer, without first taking the time to build a relationship. Remember, people love to buy…but they hate to be sold.