Smartselling Strategies

by Eddy Mindlin

If you want to enjoy long terms sales success, then you need SmartSelling Strategies at your disposal. This guidebook reveals those strategies to you, and author Eddy Mindlin knows they work because he's been using them successfully for more than thirty years. To make it in sales, it's important  to have a step by step plan to be organized. With the strategies in Revealed!, you'll be able to pick and choose what's best for you.

"Eddy Mindlin provides a real system of selling that will distinguish the seller who follows his advice, Follow the Leader."

- Ron Steiner, Consultant and Trainer to the broadcast industry

"In today's competitive market, surround yourself with people like Eddy who know their business well and respect  the people they serve!" 

-Doug Parsons, owner, Le Peep Restaurant in Albuquerque, NM

"This book shares the ideas and insights Eddy has for keeping customers that can lead to a successful career in sales."

--Beverly B. Downward, Director of Construction & Properties, Restaurant Franchise

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