Eddy Mindlin - Sales CoachEddy Mindlin walks the walk.

The testimonials below prove that Eddy's principles work, and that he has used these principles to establish a successful sales career, as measured by clients like these and their sincere appreciation of his methods and his work ethic.

As a participant in a webinar, workshop, coaching session or intensive one-on-one training, you will benefit from his experience and discover that his process can be personalized to your style, your industry, and your market, whether you are a 'salesman' in the classic sense of the word, or an artist, musician, photographer, fundraiser, practitioner... anyone who is responsible for creating new and mutually beneficial relationships.

Eddy Mindlin Sales Coach

Ashlie Thomsen

Network Marketing

"...he helped us realize the importance of being organized, that fortune really is in the follow up..."

Eddy Mindlin Sales Coach

Teri Glaspy

Financial Planning

"...I wanted to tailor my approach to clients and Eddy was very instrumental in doing that..."

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