Using A Sales Coach

Why is it that when it comes to sales, even the best teams occasionally fail to deliver? No matter how creative the proposal, the customer says no. This does not happen because of lack of team effort, but because sales is a skill that needs to consistently be practiced and improved. Proper sales coaching can make a significant impact on your sales teams. Here are some considerations if you’re thinking about working with a coach:

  1. Role of A Sales Coach

It is important that you understand how a sales coach is best used. Your coach is not a motivational speaker who “pumps up” your team. Rather he or she will share with the team best practices to help them improve their skills. A good sales coach should be able to quickly evaluate the proficiency of each team member and tailor strategies according to needs of the team and time.

  1. Proper Resources

It is important that a sales coach have access to resources in order to make use of their time when they are working with the sales team. Here I’m not referred so much to financial resources as group and individual time with your team. Without adequate time to evaluate the group working together as well as each member it is difficult for a coach to have the long term impact that you want.

  1. An Advisor

A sales coach is like a counselor for your sales team. They should be effective communicators, listening actively as well as providing sound advice for future. Your sales coach should bring out the “hidden top seller” in each of the team members. Through brainstorming and other methods, sales coach will be able to help the sellers to find their own answers as they continue to pay attention to challenges they are faced with.

To make the most of retaining a sales coach, the owner of a business must first prepare their sales team for the time they will be spending with the coach, and emphasize the value for each team member in working with the coach. Then stand back and let the coach do his or her job. The results can transform your organization.