Why A Sales Coach Is Important

Whether you are new to sales, or a veteran, there is tremendous value in having a “coach” to help you develop and improve your skills. Think of it this way…Olympic athletes, as excellent as they are at their particular discipline, all have one of more coaches to help them improve.  So should you.

Here are some things that a sales coach can help you with:

  • Making the initial contact with a prospect, either by telephone or in person. How to best work with “gatekeepers.”
  • Honing your presentation. Whether you offer a product or service, the ability to “get inside the head” of your prospect, understand what their needs are, and then address them, is a learned skill. An experienced coach can help.
  • Organizing you business. Success in sales take s a great deal of personal organization. Not just of your own time, but you manage a great deal of data about each prospect and client. Having a consistent method to monitor and update this information is important if you are going to be successful.
  • Let’s face it, sales is a difficult profession. There will be times that you just want to walk away. A coach can help you get through these times, and be even more effective when you get to the other side.
  • Sales managers need a coach too. It is easy to get so close to our product/service that we lose perspective, we get into a rut and forget to innovate. That trickles down to our sales team and can negatively affect our business.

Having a sales coach, and meeting with them on a regular time schedule, is a healthy way to maintain your personal skills, and the continuing growth of your business.